Rabu, 01 April 2015

Sunrise and Sunset in Tidung Island

Sunset and Sunrise in Tidung Island
For photography enthusiasts hunting sunset is such an important activity that can not be ignored wherever we are, to you who had to Tidung, bridges of love and west saung a very attractive location, because so famous then photographs around Tidung in general panoramic bridge and gazebo.

Now I try to take another region Tidung that may not be less good with 2 places above. Then with my bike ride muter-muter hunting island Susana beautiful at sunset.

Still in the same region I gained a wonderful susana when there is one new family with a baby photographed the region.

One thing I do not get is the beauty sunrise on the island because of fog and overcast Tidung cover, I hope next time can get.

Charming Tidung Islands

So for you who do not want to bother moreover the first, I encourage use of travel services only. Because there are several tourism that I saw back and forth asking homestay empty. So tired, too, after a fairly tiring journey should bother looking for homestay and meals. And keep in mind, tourist to Tidung Islands especially during the holidays like the relay. One group went and came again others

Bridge of Love

So enjoy her beauty. You can enjoy the sunset and sunrise, white sand, swim in the crystal clear beaches, snorkeling, Love bridge that connects the islands Tidung with Small Tidung Islands, a lazy river water game and so on. Oh yes for snorkling I recommend bringing bread or biscuits. Proven fish like the food there, so they grouping when we feed. How beautiful.


It's just not in the setting Tidung Islands trash. Overflowing garbage strewn in every corner. I found the amount of trash also low. Until quite disturbing beauty. It shall be correct by the local government. Do not get ahead fate Tidung Islands as Angel Islands lost its appeal due to a pile of garbage.