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Where Is Tidung Island (Pulau Tidung)

This article will answer your question where is Tidung Island (Pulau Tidung)? If you want to travel to Tidung Island, you must use our services because we are one of tour guide in Tidung Island by contacting us with the following number: +62 21 7369 1112 or 6320 3356 +62,822.

How, What and Where Is Tidung Island (Pulau Tidung)

Tidung Island located in Indonesia or precisely located in Jakarta. You can use a regular ferry boat or can use a speedboat with special price with the maximum up to 8 passengers perboat. Tidung island is the best travel destination in Jakarta, especially for you who love beach and snorkeling.

The best way to travel at Tidung Island is to hired us as your personal travel guide for 2 days 1 night or 3 days and 2 nights. I guarantee will service you much better than other.

What The Best at Tidung Island?

Jembatan Cinta Pulau Tidung
Jembatan Cinta Pulau Tidung
Love Bridge (Jembatan Cinta Pulau Tidung)
In Tidung Island you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset, playing banana boat or rent jetski, BBQ party and snorkeling (Tidung Island has the best underwater view). Unfortunately there's no hotel or luxury resort in Tidung Island, therefore if you asked me if any hotels in Tidung Island, answer is there's no hotel available in the Tidung Island. The one Accommodation available in Tidung Island is a homestay but I guarantee the conditions Tidung Island homestay is very comfortable.

Tidung Island very safe and comfortable, foreigners who come to the Tidung Island will definitely be protected because of the people on the island Tidung Island very friendly towards foreigners who come to travel to the Tidung Island.

Sunset at Tidung Island
Sunset at Tidung Island
Currently tourist visitors who come to Tidung Island many comes from Hong Kong, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, US, UK and several countries in Europe and the Middle East as well. All visitors tour in Tidung Island actually be awake security and safety.

More detailed information about Tidung Island please contact us now we can serve you use Indonesian or English.