Kamis, 23 April 2015

Tidung Island Indonesia

sunset at Tidung Island Indonesia

Tidung Island is small island located at Thousand Island (Kepulauan Seribu) Indonesia, Tidung island definitely crowded by travelers who go to Tidung Island even if the coming holiday period or when the quantity pewisata Saturday week visiting the Tidung Island so up many times. In general pewisata Tidung Island pewisata from the city of Jakarta and a number of provinces so on.

All About Tidung Island

East beach Tidung Island
You can not dream in Tidung Island available hotel room is big or places of entertainment such as karaoke bars and the like in Bali because Tidung Island is just a simple refreshing that only presents some beach games.

Social situation Tidung Island

The social situation in the island Tidung Island very kondunsif population Tidung Island everything is nice and friendly to people who come to visit this Tidung Island. I guarantee you will feel right at home when browsing Tidung Island.

Location Tidung Island

Photo of Snorkeling at Tidung Isle
Location becomes a tourist center on the island of Great Tidung Island is Tidung Island Tidung Island while the other used by residents for plantations. Therefore Tidung Island it is often called as Twin Island.

Tourism activity in Tidung Island

Activities are fond enjoyed by the tourists who visit the island Tidung Island is snorkeling activities. If you do snorkeling in Tidung Island you can ask the travel to provide a camera that you can use to memphoto in the sea.

Travel history Tidung Island

Tidung Island started to become a bustling tourist sites since 2009 ago and continue to evolve over time in line with the growing popularity of the name Tidung Island in the ears of lovers beach tourism.

And for those of you who want to travel to the island Tidung Island you can use the services of travel that provide services Tidung Island tour guide on the island because it is very unlikely traveled to the island Tidung Island using backpacker way because you will have no trouble getting comfortable lodgings

Tidung Island travel price is very cheap at all, especially if you visit the entourage because Tidung Island tour price will be more expensive due to the large number of tourists that you bring. Well one of the travel services company in Tidung Island reliable is eg Travel Agent Tidung Island Mr. Munawar which you can visit their website at www.MunawarPulauTidung.com